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Setting Emerging Writers on a New Path

Global Book Writers is one of the leading self-publishing companies in the world, with over six years of expertise. Global Book Writers offers a customised strategy to assist every author reach his or her intended audience, with unique tools to support books of all kinds.

Our Commitment

Global Book Writers knows what it takes to properly prepare a manuscript for publishing, and they'll share that experience with you as we collaborate to create a high-quality book that reflects your unique vision for your work.

We guarantee that we will assist you in bringing your book to market through a combination of self-publishing and traditional means. We are committed to assisting new and rising authors in pursuing their dreams of becoming published authors.

When things get really complicated, we make them simple.

We spent years honing a lean, no-nonsense approach to our work and building the proper tools to make addressing issues a pleasurable experience.

In everything, we search for the silver lining.

We enjoy dealing with positive people who tackle challenges with optimism. We retain an open mind, a strong desire to do the right thing, and a willingness to push limits as far as possible in order to make our solutions the best they can be.

Advantages of Global Book Writers:

Design Excellence - Each book design professional on our team adheres to industry design requirements.

Concierge Service - You may deal with a single, dedicated representative who will oversee every aspect of your book's development and get to know it thoroughly and out.

Opportunity for Discovery – We work with you to increase the likelihood that your book will pique the curiosity of readers, retailers, agents, and other publishers. For prospective purchase by Top 5 Publishers, chosen works produced by Global Book Writers are assessed by a board made up of our painstakingly selected editors. Based on sales patterns and manuscript quality, the editors analyse the books before recommending them to publishers. All purchase choices are made solely at the discretion of the publishers; however, they do take the board's suggestions into account.

Specialist Packages - Choose from specialty packages for general fiction and nonfiction, business, and children's books to reach and engage your book's target audience.

Unique Services - We provide a number of one-of-a-kind services to aid in the discovery of you and your book.

Meet the Core Team Members of Global Book Writers

We're a group of designers and developers with experience working with start-ups and tech corporations.

  • Micheal A. Neel


    Neel graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a degree in Business Economics and began working for Booz Allen Hamilton as a strategy consultant in 2004. Three years later, he relocated to New York to get an MBA at Columbia University, after which he joined Arle Capital (previously Candover) in London as an Investment Director. He left his position in private equity in 2011 to pursue his passion for history and storytelling, co-founding Global Book Writers with his co-founder.

  • Ryan James-Heuser


    Heuser is a seasoned financial and business executive with a focus on start-ups and scale-ups in a variety of industries, including technology and eCommerce. Prior to co-founding Global Book Writers with Neel, Heuser worked as the CFO and Head of People at an online collaborative learning platform for four years. Heuser is a certified public accountant with a bachelor's degree in business administration and economics. He likes athletics, playing the piano, and writing in his spare time.

  • Eric Mason

    Marketing Director

    Eric lends a strategic, logical and articulate perspective to Global Book Writers product development, product marketing and design. He contributes journalistic nous gained working with broadcasters including NYT publicists, BBC Newsnight, as well as print publications. Prior to joining Global Book Writers, he worked to improve online communications for a range of small enterprises. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and a Masters degree in Political Theory, both from Oxford University; as well as a Graduate Diploma in Law.

  • Matthew Hanks

    Sales & Global Operations Manager

    With over eight years of sales experience in the media, retail, and healthcare sectors, Hanks is passionate about delivering excellent service and cultivating long-term connections with his clientele. Hanks is also a sports fan who is presently pursuing a Master's degree in sports law. Traveling, technology, and cuisine are some of his other passions.

The things we value

We carry these principles with us on every assignment.

Promise is trumped by proof

We don't perform outbound marketing or have a sales force. We're straight shooters who like to demonstrate rather than discuss things.

Never accept anything less than the best

We have high expectations; we consider things through and aim to achieve a perfect mix of beauty and substance in order to create something really exceptional.

Invest completely

We only work on concepts that we believe in, which means we are invested in our projects and always have our customers' best interests in mind.

Enough about us, what
about you?

Go Even Further with your Book

Learn from the most seasoned and award-winning editors in the industry.

Our goal is to assist aspiring authors in transforming their manuscripts into engaging, marketable novels that will leave an indelible imprint on the world. We've worked with a number of first-time authors who have gone on to become New York Times bestselling authors, among other achievements. Our staff of highly verified editors, matching technique, and editing process have all been meticulously selected and tailored to help you achieve your greatest potential as an author.

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