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Picture books, with their fascinating characters and storylines, are not only beneficial to our children's development but also a lot of fun for parents and children to enjoy together. With offering exquisite children book writing services, Global Book Writers has helped many authors in creating and publishing amazing children's books, and we look forward to assisting others in the future!

Children Book Ghostwriting comprises of the following age groups of target audience:

Picture books are usually written for children from a few months old to all the way up to 4 years.

Picture books:
(Manuscript Only)

Early reading books target children from 5-7 years.

Early reader books:
(Manuscript Only)

Chapter books or young reader books are targeted towards the age group of 6-9 (or roughly first through fourth grades).

Chapter books:
(Manuscript Only)

Middle-grade books are for kids in elementary schools and early middle schools— ages 9-12 years.

Middle-grade books:
(Manuscript Only)

Enter the Magical World of Children Book Writing

We know how to engage a child’s attention in a matter of few words or just a single visual.

Perhaps your narrative is unique because it has a twist in the conclusion, or because it is written for a certain age group, or because your protagonist is accompanied by a supernatural character such as a fairy or elf. Simply add a twist to set it apart from other novels. Anyone can sit down and scribble a children's book, and with a little help and direction, yours may be enough to capture the interest of thousands of kids. Nothing compares to holding your printed book in your hands for the first time and reading it to a youngster. Global Book Writers offers award-winning children’s book ghost writing services for children of all ages.

| Our Most Favoured Services |

Children's Storybooks

We ghostwrite and vocally build the textual universe of your children's picture book (writing only), which is spread over numerous pages. You may also use our illustrative description service to provide your illustrator with an informative roadmap.
We've produced over 1,000 storybooks so far, several of which have gone on to become bestsellers!

Children's Chapter Books

In a ghostwritten children's chapter book (usually for children ages 8+), share and explore a lengthier and more in-depth tale; think of the classics by Roald Dahl or David Walliams.
From 5,000-word simple reader novels to 40-thousand-word chapter book adventures, With Global Book Writers there's something for everyone!

Children's Non-Fiction

Our nonfiction ghostwriting services cover a wide range of topics and are sure to include what you're looking for. We can help you with articles, non-fiction writing for your children's subscription service, or even a whole non-fiction book for kids.
We can also write for educational and curriculum purposes.

Children's Scripts

Global Book Writers cover all scripted mediums such as:
Pilot for TV, Full length animation screenplay, Stage show, YouTube Series and more.

Step One:How We Successfully Manage Writing Your Manuscript

How we work...

  • 1Identify the type of Children’s book you want to publish
  • 2Select from a handful of writing styles that we offer at Global book writers
  • 3You share and communicate your idea to our expert Children Book Ghost writers over a call
  • 4Answer our questionnaire and upload any supporting documents.
  • Step Two

    We start writing!

    This is when the magic happens, you just sit back and let us create your next bestselling Children’s Book

  • Step Three

    Your Children’s Book is sent to you for approval.

    You get free revisions as per the agreed package and may review the work in progress from here. This is your opportunity to double-check that your narrative is being conveyed correctly and in a manner that you want. Your writer will include your changes into the text; however, they may suggest further additions to enhance the overall feel of the plot. We, at Global Book Writers ultimately want you to be satisfied with the way your narrative is told, so you have complete editing control over the entire of producing your children’s book.

  • Step Four

    Upon your approval, Now comes the Design of your book

    Once the writing is complete, checked and approved, it is now time to move forward with the illustrations and design of the book which are crucial elements especially for a Children’s Book

  • Step Five

    Lets Get Published!

    In this stage we finalize the formatting, typesetting, designing as per the required standards of the platforms that you desire to publish your book on.

    Breathing Life to your story by with Our wide Range Of Illustration Styles

Bring The Story To Engaging And Enchanting Life With Our Vast Range Of Illustration Styles

Why our clients us !

The Reason We Exist, We Strive and We Never Give Up

Honestly, I was a bit sceptic at first. But Global Book Writers has caught me an awe. They refused to back down and worked endlessly to provide me exactly what I wanted! Highly recommended!

Megan Nolan

My experience with Global Book Writers has been tremendous. The moment I received the first draft, I knew these people have a grip on what they do. I would recommend them!

Julie Carrick Dalton

Honestly, I would give them a 10. Their process was smooth and comfortable, especially my interviews. I had been thinking of getting my story out for years and Global Book Writers helped my dream come true.

Nancy Johnson

I would highly recommend the Global Book Writers. My experience so far has been amazing, and I have a few more manuscripts to be published, and I know this is definitely the place to go to!

Rachel Lynn Solomon

What I loved most about the Global Book Writers is that they were continuously making efforts to give me what I wanted. If for some reason, I did not like what I received, they always came up with the solution and the end result was exactly as I anticipated! I will definitely come back again!

A.Natasha Joukovsky

I absolutely loved my experience with the global book writers. My favourite part were the interviews. The interviewer definitely had knowledge of what I was talking about, and guided me to the direction through which my thoughts could be shaped into a book! I am glad I chose them!

Elizabeth Gonzalez James

I only had a story, and rest I was dependant on the Global Book Writers. The way they brought my story out in words I couldn’t have put myself, I am awe-struck! It was as if the writers they have placed themselves in my shoes and then wrote it. Highly recommended!

Melody Razak

I believe I couldn’t have got a better ghost writing services provider. I didn’t really have to do anything than just communication, and my book was ready in no time. I’d definitely give them a 10!

Abigail Dean

I have a whole series that I need to get edited and published, and this is definitely the place I would want to go to again! The welcome call explained me the process, and nothing ever stressed me out after it. Each time, I knew exactly what he progress of my book was, and their weekly deliveries kept my heart at rest. Indeed, the best editing and publishing service provider!

Sarah Adlakha
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Your Imagination – Savoured forever

We all have a book that has kept near to our hearts and launched us on the path to become the readers we are today, whether it was the Harry Potter series, Roald Dahl's inventiveness, or Dr. Seuss's realms. Books play an important role in most people's childhoods and formative years. The finest tales and drawings linger with you for a long time, frequently being revisited in maturity before being passed on to the next generation.

Global Book Writers have successfully offered award winning services for children’s book ghosting. Over the years we have mastered the art of engaging the beautiful imaginative minds of children by our words and by giving them stories that they will remember all their lives.

Some of the many Genres of books that our expert Children Book Ghost writers have produced in the past include:

  • Pattern books, concept books, alphabet books or counting etc.
  • Traditional literature that comprises of legends, old fairy tales, myths, and folktales etc.
  • Fiction, which can be further sub categorized into historical, fantasy, and realistic fiction etc.
  • Autobiography, poetry, and biographies.
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