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Consider Shakespeare's famous statement, "To be or not to be?" It's famous for its brevity and the way it sums up a character's struggle with their own life. Our fiction writing services are designed to bring your tale to life while also helping you achieve your publication goals.

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Expert fiction ghost writers transforming concepts into breath-taking plots. Setting your fictitious ideas on to becoming New York Times best sellers’ fiction novel.

We know how to create a captivating tale while keeping the reality and practicalities in mind. We provide outstanding fiction ghostwriting services to our clients and guarantee that their needs are met entirely by adhering to their specifications. As one of the leading fictitious ghostwriting companies, we go above and beyond to creating a narrative that will captivate, engage, and seduce readers.

Rest Assured, lets us take care of;

  • Developing characters that will be remembered for years to come
  • Engaging, addictive Plot development
  • Captivating, scenic, breath taking environment building
  • Flawless Proofreading

Our Secret To Successfully Managing And Writing Your Manuscript


The process begins with a phone conversation on what the author hopes to accomplish with their book. This serves as a ‘chemistry test' between the ghostwriter and the author, ensuring that the ghostwriter is the right match for the assignment. If and when both sides are satisfied, the author proceeds to tell the ghostwriter their narrative in a series of interviews.
After going over the recorded conversations, the ghostwriter then starts to give your idea words and gradually your book starts to take shape. This process is easier said than done as it requires an intricate thought process and requires the writer to transport themselves into your imagination and write as if you were writing your thoughts.

First Draft

Making a plan is the first stage in creating a book. This is where a lot of authors fall short. They say they want to write a book, but they never sit down and devise a strategy for doing so. Before beginning to write the chapters, the Ghostwriter will develop an Outline and a Story Graph for approval.

Reviewing and Editing

Even if you employ a writer, the process of creating a book is a team effort. Every week, you should be able to see the work in progress. Reviewing the work in progress allows you to ensure that your narrative is being conveyed correctly and in a manner that you choose. It's also helpful to see what you've covered and how thoroughly. If you like, you may go back to specific parts in the document or eliminate portions that don't feel important when you see them on the page.
Your writer will include your changes into the text; however, they may also suggest a modification if they believe it adds value to the overall plot. Your writer ultimately wants you to be satisfied with the way your narrative is told, so you have complete editing control.

Ready to Publish

Following the completion of the manuscript's content, your ghostwriter will assist you with the book's layout, formatting, and internal design in order to make it publish-ready for the next phase.

  • Romance and Erotica

  • Crime, Mystery and Thriller

  • General and Literary Fiction

  • Historical and Adventure

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy

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All we need is your imagination, an idea, or even just a thought. Global Book writers will give life to your dream book project and set it lose for readers to savour for years to come.

We offer out of the box custom book writing solutions. We can write a captivating fiction novel for you, whether you want us to start from zero or work on an idea you already have. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our fiction ghostwriter service:

  • Innovative ideas and engaging narrative,
  • Writing services for all genres and styles,
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