Global Book Writers offers a team of expert ghost writers who take information from briefs and interviews and transform it into a best-seller! Your project is our passion, and we devote our hearts and souls to achieving the greatest results possible.

Global Book Writers transform your dreams into reality, by ghostwriting your idea into a fascinating story!

The authors we have are capable individuals who are experienced in all genres, whether it's fiction, a life story, or a concept that would direct the readers toward a better future.

Within the usual restrictions of book publication, our team of qualified ghostwriters can quickly grasp the tone of writing required by the author. Furthermore, as experienced experts, our writers provide advice to the author and their book during the short interview evaluation procedure.

How We Work

Book Questionnaire

Once you’ve placed your order and it has been confirmed, we send our clients a quick questionnaire to complete about how they want their book to be. This ensures that we’re in synch with your writing goals and requirements.

Interview Sessions

We schedule an interview between the author and our account manager once you complete a simple form. The interviewer leads the author into a discussion that will bring us to the next phase.

Outline/Initial Draft

Following the relevant points recorded in the interview, the dedicated account manager communicates with the assigned ghostwriter, and an outline or first draft is created based on the information and the author's requirement.


After we finish the first draft or outline, we send it to the author and ask for their feedback. We continue with weekly chapter drafts till the final delivery if approved and delivered. If the author requests any changes or modifications, we will accommodate them and complete the job within the agreed-upon timeline.

Our Work Samples

We have a team of experienced ghost writers for each genre. As a result, if the author dislikes the writing style of one ghostwriter, we will allocate the assignment to someone else depending on your needs and feedback. At Global Book Writers, we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients' expectations are not only matched, but exceed their expectations.

Why our clients us !

The Reason We Exist, We Strive and We Never Give Up

I didn't have to do anything other than communicate, and my book was done in no time. I don't think I could have found a better ghostwriting service provider. I'd give them a big thumps up!

Project Owner

To be honest, I was sceptical at first. But They refused to give up and worked tirelessly to give me exactly what I desired!. Global Book Writers, on the other hand, has me in awe. Strongly recommended!


My interaction with the Global Book Writers was great. Interviews were my favourite section. The interviewer displayed a good understanding of the subject at hand and guided me in the direction of turning my thoughts into a book! I'm happy that I got them!

Project Management

Global Book Writers help me throughout the project, I've had a wonderful experience. When first time I saw the first draught, I knew these individuals were good at what they were doing. They're fantastic!

Martha Imerson

It was a pleasure working with the Global Book Writers team. There are still a couple more manuscripts that need to be add into book, and I know this is the best place for me to go!

Anna M.
Business Head
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We're an experienced professional Ghost Writing Company, and have a team of the best ghost book writers in the business. From Fiction book ghostwriting to your al in one book publishing service providers, we have successfully worked and satisfied the needs pf thousands of customers in becoming top selling authors. If you are look for a reliable ghostwriting services near you then look no further because our ghostwriters are well-versed in the complexities of book writing and have expertise in all genres of book writing. So whether you're writing an autobiography, a self-help book, a corporate publication, or a work of fiction, we will write it all for you!

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