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We at Global Book Writers, happen to have a team of expert Book Agents, Publishing agents Publishing Agents for Children’s Books and the top Literary Agents, so now you don’t have to do any hassle for promoting and publishing your work, contact us now and we will introduce you to the best agents.

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To be honest, most reputable publishers will not accept direct submissions or unsolicited manuscripts from writers unless they have been recommended by well-known book publishing agents. As a result, in order to negotiate a suitable publication contract, you must be represented by an agency. We're fortunate in that we know the proper individuals. So, what do you have to lose?

Now is the time to find a literary agency!

Distribution & Retail Channels

Global Book Writers will create accounts for your book on all of the main eBook retailers and distributors, including Amazon, Vearsa, BookShop, Barnes & Noble, Apple Book, and many others.

Copyright Catalog

We handle the copyright registration and other catalogue entries for your book at the US Copyright Office. We handle the assignment of the ISBN, BISAC Code, and other necessary elements for your book's publication.

Insider Connections

We work directly with top literary agencies, all of the Big-5 publishers, dozens of small presses, and the industry's best marketers, publicists, and other essential personnel.

Proven Results

We've created a number of concepts, proposals, and marketing strategies that have resulted in six- and seven-figure publishing deals and #1 New York Times bestsellers.

Go Global with Global Book Writers

The world's readership is estimated to be at 6.5 billion people. That's a large market. So, why restrict yourself to just one country with your book? Consider the big picture. Go global.

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Honestly, I was a bit sceptic at first. But Global Book Writers has caught me an awe. They refused to back down and worked endlessly to provide me exactly what I wanted! Highly recommended!

Megan Nolan

My experience with Global Book Writers has been tremendous. The moment I received the first draft, I knew these people have a grip on what they do. I would recommend them!

Julie Carrick Dalton

Honestly, I would give them a 10. Their process was smooth and comfortable, especially my interviews. I had been thinking of getting my story out for years and Global Book Writers helped my dream come true.

Nancy Johnson

I would highly recommend the Global Book Writers. My experience so far has been amazing, and I have a few more manuscripts to be published, and I know this is definitely the place to go to!

Rachel Lynn Solomon

What I loved most about the Global Book Writers is that they were continuously making efforts to give me what I wanted. If for some reason, I did not like what I received, they always came up with the solution and the end result was exactly as I anticipated! I will definitely come back again!

A.Natasha Joukovsky

I absolutely loved my experience with the global book writers. My favourite part were the interviews. The interviewer definitely had knowledge of what I was talking about, and guided me to the direction through which my thoughts could be shaped into a book! I am glad I chose them!

Elizabeth Gonzalez James

I only had a story, and rest I was dependant on the Global Book Writers. The way they brought my story out in words I couldn’t have put myself, I am awe-struck! It was as if the writers they have placed themselves in my shoes and then wrote it. Highly recommended!

Melody Razak

I believe I couldn’t have got a better ghost writing services provider. I didn’t really have to do anything than just communication, and my book was ready in no time. I’d definitely give them a 10!

Abigail Dean

I have a whole series that I need to get edited and published, and this is definitely the place I would want to go to again! The welcome call explained me the process, and nothing ever stressed me out after it. Each time, I knew exactly what he progress of my book was, and their weekly deliveries kept my heart at rest. Indeed, the best editing and publishing service provider!

Sarah Adlakha
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All-Inclusive Services:

We understand that operators and distributors want faultless, clean, and essentially competent original copies and proposals. They must ensure that individuals are not overly generous with their services and that the opportunity they are offering is not squandered. Our services ensure that your book is given the most prominent opportunity for publication, ensuring that neither your time nor the time of the publishers is wasted.

Our team has successfully placed over 6,000 titles with a wide range of publishers as well as independent publishing houses throughout the world. Women's, romance, young adult, literary, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction, as well as multicultural and inspirational/religious literature, are just a few of the genres in which we have represented clients. Besides narrative nonfiction, self-help, health, memoirs, and financial/business titles, our agents have also placed narrative nonfiction, self-help, health, and memoirs.

Global Book Writers focuses on a wide variety of client services, addressing all facets of our customers' professional lives. In the fields of international, motion picture and television, audio, merchandise, and electronic rights, GBW agents bring their considerable expertise and expertise of subsidiary rights management to bear. Our marketing and publicity department also provides extensive assistance in the areas of book promotion and branding.

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