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Now it's your chance to experience the joy of taking your dream of writing a memoir and turning it into reality! How? By working with the best memoir writing company in the industry. We, at Global Book Writers have a network of the best memoir writers which enables us to offer innovative memoir ghost writing services.

Our team of experienced autobiography writers and biography writers go out of their way in vigorously studying and researching on the subject of the memoir which helps them to produce an epic piece of history that will be passed down for generations to savour.

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Our autobiographies and memoir authors must integrate a very specific set of aims and objectives to include in the autobiography, which sets it apart from other types of writing. Our authors are seasoned and have a unique skill set that allows them to put themselves in your shoes and begin illustrating your life journey. We provide Memoir and biography writers for hire to our valued clients to allow them to convey their life's events easier and to inspire readers with our clients life experiences.

  • Share your memories with your personal biographer
  • Read and evaluate
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Our Process of Writing Your Manuscript Successfully?


The process begins with a phone chat on what the client hopes to accomplish with the book. This serves as a ‘chemistry test' between the ghostwriter and the author, ensuring that the ghostwriter is the right match for the assignment. If everyone is satisfied, the author proceeds to tell the ghostwriter their narrative in a series of interviews. The ghostwriter tapes the discussions and then compiles them into a book. Conversational, spoken English must be reworked and modified into fluent, logical, and well-written writing, which is a far more involved process than simple transcribing.

Publish-Ready Manuscript

Following the completion of the manuscript's content, your ghostwriter will assist you with the book's layout, formatting, and internal design in order to make it publish-ready for the next phase.


Making a plan is the first stage in creating a book. This is where a lot of authors fall short. They say they want to write a book, but they never sit down and devise a strategy for doing so. Before beginning to write the chapters, the Ghostwriter will develop an Outline and a Story Graph for approval.

Writing and Editing

Even if you employ a writer, the process of creating a book is a team effort. Every week, you should be able to see the work in progress. Reviewing the work in progress allows you to ensure that your narrative is being conveyed correctly and in a manner that you choose. It's also helpful to see what you've covered and how thoroughly. If you want to, you may go back to certain events in your life or edit out areas that don't feel important when you see them on the page.

  • Personal Memoir

    This might be a memoir about your upbringing or coming of age, or it might be about a huge personal experience like divorce, sickness, coping with abuse, sorrow, or life as an expat. Such situations occur in everyone's life, and they may serve as an endless source of inspiration.

  • Transformational Memoir

    Today, this is one of the most popular forms of memoirs.

    • Coming-of-age memoirs are examples of transformational memoirs
    • overcoming addictions or difficult situations
    • adopting religion or spirituality, as well as the changes that resulted from that decision

    In this sort of memoir, significant events and experiences that shaped the writer are crucial parts. A transformative memoir should also describe what the writer discovered or learnt at the end of the transformative journey.

  • Spiritual Journey Memoir

    It is centred on the pursuit of spirituality meaning and purpose of the soul. The author is a spiritual seeker who may or may not mention religion in his or her writings. After all, spirituality is the property of being a human spirit as well as spiritual and immaterial experiences. Many spiritual autobiographies, such as those published by the Dalai Lama, deal about peace, love, and awareness.

  • Political or Activism Memoir

    This is normally reserved for persons who have served in the government, such as presidents, governors, and other authorities. A memoir by some high-profile campaigners with remarkable life lessons usually has an ever lasting impact on the people who follow such personalities.

  • Travel Memoir

    It focuses on the author's travel experiences. Frequently, the author tells a narrative about a personal adventure.

  • Confessional Memoir

    This distinct form of memoir focuses on the writer's perceptions on their life's mistakes or decisions. It's similar to someone going into a confessional booth to confess their sins to a priest, which is how this biography received its name.

    The writer would then use the book to highlight how they made peace with individuals affected and how the process ultimately transformed their life for the better after discussing the choices or acts.

  • Trial-to-Triumph Memoir

    We all enjoy stories of heroes, survivors, and rags-to-riches transformations. This style of memoir details the author's struggles, as well as how he or she perseveres in the face of adversity. The achievement is accompanied with key life lessons that the author imparts to the audience without preaching. The competition in this category is high since this style of memoir is so frequent.

  • Novel-Like Memoir

    This form of memoir is engaging, vivid, and written in the style of a book. It features sad circumstances, a hint of magic, and an uplifting plot. The writing style, similar to that of a novel, piques the reader's interest with vivid and graphic details. Feelings are described in an appealing manner as well.

  • Celebrity Memoir

    Famous individuals like to write this style of memoir. You don't have to be a star to write it, though. You can write a portraiture memoir on a famous person with whom you have a close relationship. Instead of writing from their point of view, write from yours. Celebrities are in high demand. As a result, any occurrence involving them (or you) will pique the interest of readers.

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I absolutely loved my experience with the global book writers. My favourite part were the interviews. The interviewer definitely had knowledge of what I was talking about, and guided me to the direction through which my thoughts could be shaped into a book! I am glad I chose them!

Elizabeth Gonzalez James

I only had a story, and rest I was dependant on the Global Book Writers. The way they brought my story out in words I couldn’t have put myself, I am awe-struck! It was as if the writers they have placed themselves in my shoes and then wrote it. Highly recommended!

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I believe I couldn’t have got a better ghost writing services provider. I didn’t really have to do anything than just communication, and my book was ready in no time. I’d definitely give them a 10!

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I have a whole series that I need to get edited and published, and this is definitely the place I would want to go to again! The welcome call explained me the process, and nothing ever stressed me out after it. Each time, I knew exactly what he progress of my book was, and their weekly deliveries kept my heart at rest. Indeed, the best editing and publishing service provider!

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