Our Story

Born in London,

But based all over the world.

Global Book Writers began with two young people from various regions of the world who met in London and became friends over their shared passion for writing and coffee. We're literature aficionados, wordsmiths, voracious readers, and cult classic geeks. They spent hours composing prompts, short stories, slam poetry, fan fiction, and anything else that had to do with literature and creative writing in any manner.

Colleagues, friends, friends of friends, and even strangers began to notice the spark, which slowly but steadily grew into a blaze.

They began taking orders one by one in order to make ends meet and eat a slice of pie now and again. Their reputation increased as a result of referrals and word of mouth, and they decided to earn a livelihood doing what they liked.

Since then, they've assisted individuals in writing books of all lengths and complexity, fiction and non-fiction, in forms we didn't even know existed, and in subjects and niches as different as the rainbow. One link led to another, and we're now linked to a larger group of people who share our interests. As the company and the quantity of projects increased, so did the staff.

They now have offices in both of their hometowns,

Work with customers from all over the world, and are a well-known brand in the ghost-writing industry, with bestsellers and quotes all over the internet.

Global Book Writers is the pinnacle of remote employment. Because of our dispersed approach, we can collaborate with talent from all around the world while yet maintaining a fantastic culture. It also means we may be highly productive and focused on the important things.

Global Book Writers provides the finest quality writing for writers seeking the best that assisted-publishing has to offer. A team of experts provides editing, design, formatting, and marketing services. We've added a few new services, created packages to fit certain author goals, and will keep an eye out for titles that do well in the marketplace. Global Book Writers is committed to assisting new and developing writers in their quest for publication.

Our pre-stage and post-stage solutions are designed to make getting your books published as simple as possible. Whether your project is in its early phases, half-way through, or nearly finished, our solutions ensure that you receive exactly what you want, exactly when you want it.

What distinguishes Global Book Writers?

Our team of experts ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for the writers, guaranteeing that our services exceed their expectations. Our procedures are stringent, and we adhere to them, ensuring that there are no gaps, thanks to our regular contact. At Global Book Writers, we believe in the power of never giving up, and we will not stop until our authors are completely satisfied.

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