Print-on-Demand Companies (POD) have publishing and distribution approach in which books are printed only when orders come in from customers. It's a wonderful, low-risk approach for our distribution service clients to get their books into bookstores. From Custom Book Printing to Photo Book Printing We, at Global Book Writers offer the Best Book Printing Services in the industry.

You send us the files and requirements so that we can print the books as soon as the orders come in.

You don't have to print a large number of books ahead of time with POD since we produce as orders come in. You may print a big number of copies whenever you need them. Our distribution staff can also assist with demand analysis to help you determine whether it's time to convert to short-run printing.

  • Low upfront costs: Because no inventory is required, you may avoid buying and storing hundreds of volumes.
  • Your one-stop publishing shop: We'll take care of everything
  • managing your book production, shipping, and, most importantly, paying your royalties
  • if you add Print On Demand to any printed book purchase (of 25 or more)
  • Reach out to millions of people: Your printed books will be accessible at Amazon, Waterstones, Overdrive, Gardeners, Apple, Kobo, Scribd, Barnes & Noble, Powell's, and hundreds of more shops and wholesale bookstore catalogues across the world when you utilise our on-demand printing services. As if you were one of the big-name authors!
  • All of our most popular trim sizes, including Digest, Trade, Square, Landscape, and Letter, are available for Print On Demand

Taking use of Global Book Writer's Print On Demand service (POD)

Millions of aspiring authors dream of selling their printed books to clients all over the world, printed to order, without having to ship or store them.

Your Timeline To Maximize Book Sales With Print On Demand

At Global Book Writers, we have the following mission statement: “We make the tiny guy (or gal!) seem big.” What exactly does that imply? It's actually not that difficult. We work with self-published writers from all around the world to design and publish books that look just as beautiful as those created by major publishing firms.

Print On Demand: All You Need To Know About Book Pre-Sales

Every online book reseller has its own procedure and timeline for receiving new books. Some people work on a weekly basis, while others work on a monthly basis. Because this is a physical book shipment, there is a lot of setup work for each store to create an inventory number in their own store catalogue database. As your book is entered into different systems, it will begin to appear on retail websites all around the world. This generally takes two to three weeks after your files have been completed. Your crucial pre-sales period has begun.

Global Book Writers; Your Print On Demand Success

To further support indie writers, Global Book Writers has extended its POD service. In summary, our new programme: pays writers 70% of their list price; pays writers quickly – in only a few days; and pays writers extra. guarantees in-stock status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Distribution & Retail Channels

Scribe Room will setup the accounts for your book on all the major eBook retail & distribution stores like Amazon, Vearsa, BookShop, Barnes and Noble, Apple Book, and much more.

Copyright Catalog

We take care of the copyright registration and other catalog entries at the US Copyright Office of your book for you. We execute the process of assignment of the ISBN, BISAC Code and other essentials for your book publishing.

Insider Connections

We work directly with top literary agents, all the Big-5 publishers, dozens of independent presses, and the very best marketers, publicists, and other key professionals in the business.

Proven Results

We’ve developed numerous concepts, proposals, and pub strategies that have secured 6- and 7-figure deals from publishers and hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

  • Custom Printed Books

    The Self-Publishing Packages comprise 25 printed volumes (300 pages, 6x9, paperback, black interior) that are excellent for author signings. It's not a problem if you want to customise your order and buy additional bulk printed books up front.

  • Bookshop

    You'll have more control and higher royalty rates with your own private web shop where you can sell your book directly to readers.

    • You earn 50% royalties on your selling price, which is up to three times what other self-publishing firms provide.
    • You're paid faster- as soon as a few days after your book is purchased.
    • Your printed book will be available at all times.
    • Your book will be ready for purchase within a few days after completing your entire book printing order.
  • Expert eBook Conversion

    With our hands-on publishing experience, you can bring your book to the digital sphere without the hassle of using clunky eBook converters. You will receive a prepared ebook drraft to review before your eBook is completed.

    A formatted proof to approve before your eBook is completed.

    Compatible with the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, and other major eReaders and mobile devices.

    Ongoing client assistance from trusted publishing professionals.

  • Cover Design

    Our creative team will create a book cover that will stand out on shop shelves and in online shops. Basic cover design is included in your Complete Self-Publishing Package (for both print and eBook formats).

  • Printed book distribution

    Even if selling your book at a local bookshop is a dream come true. A major breakthrough is when your book is selling on all platforms and bookstores in the world. And that is just what we offer. You can carry your printed book wherever your readers are with our global network of leading shops.

  • Global eBook Distribution

    We have one of the largest eBook distribution networks in the world, with millions of readers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other platforms across the world. You keep 100 percent of your publication rights, as well as all net eBook sales from online retailers. There is no royalties fee charged by Global Book Writers.

  • 400+

    Books Written

  • 2500+

    Books Edited

  • 4000+

    Books Published

Why our clients us !

The Reason We Exist, We Strive and We Never Give Up

I didn't have to do anything other than communicate, and my book was done in no time. I don't think I could have found a better ghostwriting service provider. I'd give them a big thumps up!


I would like to start by thanking all those that I worked with in completing this project. I was very impressed with how quickly my writer and editors were able to complete a high-quality book for me. At some points, I felt as if I had a real person reading my book, making this process very rewarding as it made me feel that my story was actually being read. The staff worked very hard to make sure that my needs were met, especially during the final days leading up to my release date. The customer service was outstanding, always being prompt and understanding of my concerns. Being an author myself, having the freedom to choose your editor (I chose the best one) helped out in getting the product in order before the release date. If I have another story to tell or have another book idea, I will be looking at Global Book Writers again!


My interaction with the Global Book Writers was great. Interviews were my favourite section. The interviewer displayed a good understanding of the subject at hand and guided me in the direction of turning my thoughts into a book! I'm happy that I got them!


Didn't know where to start with a story and was facing writer's block. Their team guided me through the entire process. Their ghostwriter did not just write a book but she brought out my characters, made them come alive and in a way she believed they would be. I don't think I could have written this book without her help. 100% recommended!

Martha Imerson

I am a big fan of globalbookwriters.co.uk and I've used their services multiple times to help me out with my book. They are very professional, responsive and talented. I highly recommend their services if you need any editing or ghostwriting work done.

Anna M.

Ever since I’ve entered the writing industry, I dreamt of publishing my own book; and, thanks to Global Book Writers, my first ever poetry book Hymn of the Dandelion now rests on so many e-bookstores! Everything from their publishing to their marketing services is beyond excellent and I couldn’t be more grateful to their team of wonderful people.

-Judy Abu Alhassan

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If you haven’t yet, now is the time to choose how you’re going to share your story with the world.

There are other self-publishing businesses to select from, but Global Book Writers offers a number of unique features that you won't find anywhere else.

Global Book Writers allows independent writers and publishers to produce excellent print books (paperback and hardcover) as well as digital.

Through our worldwide distribution network, you may self-publish a book and make it available to 50+ retailers and libraries—in stores and online.

In addition, our authors will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customer service is available around the clock
  • Reporting on online sales
  • Free publishing materials and tools
  • Advertising options at a low cost
  • Discounts on publishing services with the help of independent specialists
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