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Looking For A New Author Website Design Or Do You Want To Redesign Your Author Website? Global Book Writers Will Help Achieve All Your Web Design And Development Needs

Global Book Writers has become a trusted name when it comes to offering services that include web design for book authors around the world. We create or revamp your website from the ground up. The author web development process includes gathering all the data about you, your book, promotions, content, and more, which is one of the most crucial components of your author platform. It should express your brand and message with your personality in mind, as well as follow the best SEO practises, be aesthetically appealing, and be created with the user's experience in mind.

One of the most essential touchpoints for potential visitors is your website, which is a representation of your brand. Consider your target audience: what would a potential reader or new admirer of your website think? What about a literary agency or a publisher who would be interested in collaborating with you? Are you available for an interview with the media?

It is critical to ensure that your website is well-designed and attractive in order to engage your visitors. The Global Book Writers team is well-known for creating and producing award-winning websites. You can rest assured that our unique combination of design, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI) will keep your audience interested on your site and help you achieve your goals.

What Does Global Book Writers Web Design and Development Include?

If you already have a website, it all starts with a Website Audit, or if you're starting from scratch, with the construction of a Website Plan, or blueprint.

Prior to taking action, you must first develop a strategy. We will select keywords and do keyword research while working with you on your branding so that we can use them in the construction of your site and in your content strategy. We'll look at your off-page SEO, which includes your SERP rankings. We'll develop a colour palette, graphic materials, and perhaps perform a photoshoot if you require a headshot, or consult with you if you already have one. Your audit will highlight technical issues to concentrate on as well as visual representations of your brand's identity.

We go to work when your audit is completed and your strategy has been approved with you. The job is carried out on a construction site. Many components from your Brand Bible will be used in the creation of your site, including graphic elements, imagery, typefaces, and colour palette. All of your credentials, graphic assets, and information are arranged for you and saved in your Client Folder, which you can review at the conclusion of the process so you know where to look for everything.

Your website will be examined and changed with you in screen-sharing sessions that will be recorded so you don't miss any crucial information. Once the site is finished, our staff will perform a training session to ensure that you understand how to use it.

How much does it cost to design and develop a website?

The website design and development services provided by Global Book Writers are customised to your specific requirements. We'll work with you to develop a retainer plan that suits your strategy, depending on where you are with your website project. Because your Author Platform and company are built on a foundation of your website, it is frequently coupled with additional services to build a holistic marketing and public relations plan.

We're excited to learn more about your project and work up a retainer plan that meets your needs. To get in touch with us and learn more, click here.

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