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Proven to be the most effective PR Agency for Authors, Global Book Writers secures media placements for its clients on a regular basis with radio, television, podcasts, print, and internet sources. If you've written a nonfiction book, there's a good chance you require a strong author public relations expert. We can help you establish talking points, areas of expertise, and media training to gain you the media exposure you and your book deserve, which is often combined with Branding Services.

Public Relations For Book Authors

The Author Network has an Author Public Relation component in both tiers. It's possible that this is exactly what you're looking for. We can also assist you with higher-level media pitching and top-level placements if it is on your wish list. A customised strategy may be created to provide you with the amount of public relations that you require.

Public Speaking and Events

We can assist you if you want to speak at events or on panels. Many or out customers at Global Book Writers participate in and speak at events such as The BookFest®, West Coast Writers Conferences, Beach Bound Book Bash, Jingle Books, and others.

Cost Public Relations Services

At the $850 and $1400 levels of the Author Network, Global Book Writers proudly provides inexpensive media pitching as part of both tiers. At those costs, just a few companies provide a complete package. Many of our customers, on the other hand, desire more regular press interviews with top-tier media, or they want to focus on speaking engagements and events. Let's chat about what will work best for you.

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