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Developing Your Author Platform and Defining The Author Brand

To Stand Out, Create Unique Brand Identities.

Global Book Writers' branding services are well-balanced, innovative, and practical. The objective is to improve your internet visibility and branding. We collaborate with you to understand and design your brand's language, talking points, and message, as well as the visual assets required for engaging and consistent online storytelling.

Branding Strategy and Action for Book Writers Around the World

Our branding follows a two-step process and is designed to aid in the development of your author brand platform and a unique brand identity as a personality. The Branding strategy comes first, followed by action.

We start with the Book Graphic Design by creating a colour palette and graphic components that define your brand's appearance and feel. This influences the look of your logo, the creative publisher logo, website, and other brand assets. Based on the subjects that your book or brand inspire, our brand development and media specialist will work with you to define your brand's messaging and positioning. Our strategy is holistic, which means that your brand is integrated into a variety of practical facets of who you are.

Creating a Brand Book

We build a Brand Book by combining the visual guide with a clear brand voice and tone to guarantee that everyone engaged portrays your brand consistently. Your social media postings, interview talking points, ad copy, messaging given at speaking engagements, website content, and even the descriptive language and SEO keyword research for your book are all part of your brand. Our plan is comprehensive, bringing everything together for you.

Executing Your Branding Strategy

We can get started once we've established a distinctive approach for your brand and book launch. Our strategy will be tailored to your specific requirements, and will often include the design or redesign of your website to align with the Brand Bible, as well as the implementation of your social media and SEO strategies. Your monthly retainer might include a bank of art hours for graphic design to assist with the creation of your digital assets.

If you utilise our Website Design Services, the Branding Strategy will assist you in creating a website that is both creative and functional in order to give the greatest user experience possible. Many of our websites have received recognition, and yours may as well.

What Is the Price of Branding?

The branding services provided by Global Book Writers are tailored to your specific requirements. As the initial service in your retainer, we usually work on your branding. Other services are available to assist you with your book launch, and we can tailor a strategy to meet your specific needs.

Let's discuss immediately so we can come up with a retainer plan that suits your needs. To learn more, please click here and contact us.

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