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With Social Media for Authors and Personality Brands, you can grow your audience and expand your author platform

Global Book Writers can help you with social media support and social media management. Both begin with a review of your social media channels, or the development of a complete social media marketing for book author strategy if we're starting from fresh. This aids in the development of your strategy prior to putting it into action.

Your social media accounts are a major part of your author platform, or the key touchpoints of your online brand. Such touchpoints include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, GoodReads, and even your Amazon Author Profile. As your exclusive social media agency, Global Book Writers will develop and design a robust social media presence that generates audiences and as a result more sales. This is critical for writers and personality brands, and it is intertwined with your branding and content marketing.

What's the Difference Between Social Media Management and Social Media Support?

With Global Book Writers will design a plan that you can put into action with Social Media Support. We work with you and your team to determine your goals and offer the tools you'll need to achieve them. We can publish for you in specific situations, usually covering promotional, sales, and news items. This enables you to share the interesting, instructive, and “fun” content.

Our Social Media Management service however, will handle all of your posts and profiles for you. For busy authors, business leaders, corporations, and personality brands that don't have time to implement their social media plan, Social Media Management is ideal.

The Author Network and Social Media

The Author Network was created to assist you in your social media endeavours. Promotions are a great way to get more people to follow you. We, as well as book bloggers, media professionals, the press, and third-party partners with whom we collaborate, regularly publish about clients on our social media channels. Many authors' social media activities benefit from being a part of the Author Network.

How much do social media management and support services cost?

Global Book Writers can tailor your Social Media Support or Management services to your specific requirements. We're excited to learn more about your project and work out a retainer that fits your needs.

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