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Global Book Writers' marketers are professionals who have acquired the skills necessary to ensure that our valued customers receive exactly what they need, on time, and according to mutually agreed-upon deadlines.

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At Global Book Writers, being one of the most recognized book marketing agency, we provide innovative Book Marketing Strategies to maximise the number of reaches through our custom book marketing services.

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As the name indicates, our main goal is to have your book available globally. And the only way to do it is to market the book in a unique way. We've come to assist you since your book is in dire need of attention. Thanks to our expert book marketers, your work is just a click away from being a best-seller!

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Author Network

The Global Book Writers’ Author Network is a collection of must-have services for authors launching a book.

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Advertising & Marketing

Our Promotional Boosts might assist you in making your book a best-seller. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to book promotion and book marketing.

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Public Relations

With our public relations and media services, your readers are sure to be talking about you and your book. Available at a range of price points to fit a wide range of budgets.

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Self-Publishing, Book Covers & Interior Formatting

Do you require assistance with self-publishing? Help with your metadata, Amazon dashboard, or even the design of your book cover or internal formatting? We can assist you.

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Branding, Logos & Design

If you want to become an established brand, you must first choose your message, talking points, and the look and feel of your author platform. We can assist you with every step of the way to becoming a strong name in the book market.

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Social Media

We provide social media alternatives for you, ranging from supporting your efforts to complete administration.

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Website Design & Development

Our award-winning website designs can make your author platform stand out and serve as an online centre for your business.

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Author Headshots & Photography

We may either conduct the photography for you or work with you and your photographer to ensure that your author headshot accurately reflects your own brand.

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SEO & Content Marketing

Instead of going through the vigorous process yourself to ensure that you are seen on the top internet search engines, just give us a call. Experience the Top Book Marketing services and SEO (search engine optimization) services with a combination of on-page and off-page SEO techniques can help you stand out.

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Book Trailers, Audio Books & Podcasts

Looking for assistance with your book trailer, audio book, or podcast production? Our media specialists will provide the expertise you require.

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Speaking & Events

What message do you want to send to the rest of the world? Do you want to speak on panels and at both online and offline events? We can assist you.

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Editing, Ghostwriting & Book Proposals

Do you require a ghostwriter to collaborate with you on your brilliant idea? Do you require editing services or assistance with a book proposal? We have the best innovative book writing solutions for you.

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The Reason We Exist, We Strive and We Never Give Up

I didn't have to do anything other than communicate, and my book was done in no time. I don't think I could have found a better ghostwriting service provider. I'd give them a big thumps up!


I would like to start by thanking all those that I worked with in completing this project. I was very impressed with how quickly my writer and editors were able to complete a high-quality book for me. At some points, I felt as if I had a real person reading my book, making this process very rewarding as it made me feel that my story was actually being read. The staff worked very hard to make sure that my needs were met, especially during the final days leading up to my release date. The customer service was outstanding, always being prompt and understanding of my concerns. Being an author myself, having the freedom to choose your editor (I chose the best one) helped out in getting the product in order before the release date. If I have another story to tell or have another book idea, I will be looking at Global Book Writers again!


My interaction with the Global Book Writers was great. Interviews were my favourite section. The interviewer displayed a good understanding of the subject at hand and guided me in the direction of turning my thoughts into a book! I'm happy that I got them!


Didn't know where to start with a story and was facing writer's block. Their team guided me through the entire process. Their ghostwriter did not just write a book but she brought out my characters, made them come alive and in a way she believed they would be. I don't think I could have written this book without her help. 100% recommended!

Martha Imerson

I am a big fan of globalbookwriters.co.uk and I've used their services multiple times to help me out with my book. They are very professional, responsive and talented. I highly recommend their services if you need any editing or ghostwriting work done.

Anna M.

Ever since I’ve entered the writing industry, I dreamt of publishing my own book; and, thanks to Global Book Writers, my first ever poetry book Hymn of the Dandelion now rests on so many e-bookstores! Everything from their publishing to their marketing services is beyond excellent and I couldn’t be more grateful to their team of wonderful people.

-Judy Abu Alhassan

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Learn from the most seasoned and award-winning editors in the industry.

Our goal is to assist aspiring authors in transforming their manuscripts into engaging, marketable novels that will leave an indelible imprint on the world. We've worked with a number of first-time authors who have gone on to become New York Times bestselling authors, among other achievements. Our team of highly verified editors, matching technique, and editing process have all been meticulously selected and tailored to help you achieve your greatest potential as an author.

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